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Ted Nelson, they said, Athena nod head, helmet idn’t pithed, out came a hand, Cthulhu grue glue grew glow: sloe snow shows watermark, clock talks tock not balks chalk, ted’s head sled shed, full nelson nautical nudie. After the owl made it back to London. The owl was old, she missed Big Ben, that was […]

She’s Honest And She Knows The Druid

Did you know this man is a druid? And this girl is really not a druid: But she has a perfect mouf and likes to walk in the forest. Walk walk alone. Beware the lens, and the squiggous.

NSA Preschool

When I was a young child I went to “NSA school”; it was a nursery school / preschool. It was not for psychics, or children who use witchcraft, or have superpowers, as far as I remember. They were kids and were very sensitive and good people, although the situation dynamics were not always perfect. I […]

Guy Debord is not the Swedish Chef

Guy Debord I just wanted to make that clear. He is still relevant if you are maybe a descendant artist class of a situationist programmatical type. Python is giving me trouble with monads, the gods hate monads, friends imply that monadology isn’t true. Guy says he has friends and he fucked pinball and is an […]

Contrast A Map Of Ideologies

Determining a map of ideologies is not easy. You need special diagrams which respect hyperdimensionality. I recommend using a dynamic map which can account for each distinct value system- after all individual are hopefully ideosyncratic, and some say they are hopelessly so. I believe in having your installation of Media Wiki so you can work […]

I don’t want to get too small in San Francisco, it has corruption, and I’ll be lost there.

What should I do?

Oops I Did It Says Google

Google has managed to swing the biggie.

Invention of the Multiprocessor Microradio Bus- When!?

Who is going to invent a microradio that acts as the go-between BUS for any processor that works with particular implementations of motherboard BUSES? The radio stringbus which does not create any new lagtime and allows processors to use all the radio bandwidth available within a faraday cage to send analog radio signals across the […]

Good writers are ghosts, aren’t they?

I’m having trouble with ingorant extranatural spirits having a terrible effect on my writing. They aren’t regarding non-Judeo-Christian-Muslims as significant to protect and are ignoring the history of their relationship with the Olympic deities and the importance of the academy and the forum. This may be a reaction to the formation of a Senate and […]