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Al Kemmey Vs. Moon Tiedeye

“Manufacture The ingredients, process of manufacture, and usage were a very carefully guarded military secret — so secretive that it remains a source of speculation to this day. Speculations include: naphtha, niter, sulfur petroleum, quicklime, sulfur phosphorus and saltpeter It is not clear if it was ignited by a flame as the mixture emerged from […]

Air Loop Desalination Big In Future!

Giant Robot says: listen To Douglas Firestone, he’s pro–meef—yes! The Rivers of Enki shall burst forth upon the land.

Who Were The Teachers of Jesus of Nazareth?

Can I pray to them for guidance? It seems they would have been very intelligent men. How many rabbis instructed young Jesus? I have heard that he was raised up in the temple, and was considered a wise man because of the teachings that he received. I wonder if perhaps, in this day, with so […]

I’ve Got A Great Idea!

Visual Google Whacking

Bob Crumb is loyal. Semper Fi! Jed the Fish is reel. Ione Skye!

Intellectual Proper T and Propellary

The DraganFlyer You Know …Oh Yes And A Sign Post Beforehand, Turn Left This won’t do but it’s enough for the indoor weather. Where are my mattes? Hummingbirds’ nestea. Don’t let bad guys at bowwings mess with big Burd. Add processors with nesting behavior, not just swarm-biez. I respond with a high tech Militarie Invention:

Who is the new Athena?

The cry of victory is a formative quality of the hunting bird. Catching one’s quarry is essential to attaining the mark. This is not exclusive of Athena or Athenie– the younger Athena, however, uses the lasso on herself sometimes, and knows how to rope. She knows the world through the city and university. Furthermore she […]

HIV Cure Proposal; Zvi Boshernitzan Already Lame!!!

What happened to Google IRC, did evil simpletons try to curse a search engine? Try adding a lab entry, including all of usenet, and giving credit to the original author even if you fired him. ———————————————— Start of zvi home buffer: Wed Mar 21 18:54:18 2007 [18:31] apryory: hey zvi [18:37] zvi home: hi! [18:38] […]

Not A Guess, Daniel

Rain and Stone

Seeing sizes is a help, knowing whence and who doesn’t pain the brain. I believe we shall see what we mean when I need to see who is working in MATH on something spiffy wait a jiffy they are t-riffy. I can’t get Wolfram to iconify, Ted Selker eats a fly. While you’re there read […]