Monthly Archives: April 2007

Is This Okay? Greens Who Levitate.

Hoping for remanence I stumbled upon these pragmatic visual demonstrations of water levitation, involving a frog, a grasshopper, and green water kissing, possibly with envy, and a diamagnetism explanation suitable for casual reading. Please keep in mind that levitation is a 20 good teslas strong– where a high field functional analytic MRI is about three […]

Fly Without Training, Even When Raining

Humbee, tumbee, lumbee, dumbee, bumbee, fumbee, gumbee, sumbee.

Who’s Your Bloggy

Google nicely included this blog as a news item, an occasional trend for Google news (although this one is attached to a weekly newspaper in Berkeley). It looks like VA is recognizing not only the tremendously renowned Eck, but also Wicca, in headstones now. This is important because Wiccans have identified themselves specifically as Pagan […]

No More Requests

Mastema is dead; that is destroyed.

Ragnarok Sucks Right Now

I can’t think of anything and my third eye is not able to feel, I can only experience my ideological reactions and react from the past. I have been in contact with Deities American for a year now and mostly I don’t get to think. Thinking happens in a progression, a growth of thought over […]

The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts

Biodiesel is okay, hybrid electric has some sway, what can we do today, if we live in California? CNG down wif me. Econo resounds that you’re gonna get the volume of two nickles fer ev’ry dime ya put into your automobile car gases tank. Compression pulls rank, it stank said the bank- “who laughs now” […]

78 RPM Isn’t Fast Enough For A Hard Drive

The audio section featuring 78 RPM records is currently full. Don’t contribute any records, Joe Bussard. The reckless U.S. Library of Congress has sworn to uphold the scarce hard drive space of the organization. Furthermore they have promised to avoid learning about personal computer audio cassette tape reader drives or phonograph record light scanners […]


Reading about Mythologia (mythos, logos) in Wikipedia and deity I come across the fact of Greek ages ending a bit soon, before now that is. Browsing the Information Age article I am aghast at it’s disorganization of content, overextenuation of topics, lack of background reading, and poor visualization design. The reference to the Intangible Economy […]

Magyar Curse Update

Now that Harald has got more than a thousand years on ‘im, and still owing to the fact that his technology can suck a bit, oh and that Jesus has renounced the Satanic deceptions of a monotheistic cultural genocide (though overcoming Beelzebub’s contract on religion might entail that he died recently), Paganism is now being […]

Hungarian Notationable

Charles Simonyi, a Microsoft Windows programmer who is blamed for Hungarian Notation, a standard way of declaring types as part of the name of a function or variable in C and Pascal for the Windows API, has gone to space, and they let him clamber back down to earth after reviewing that he can still […]