Monthly Archives: May 2007

Fishing for Radiation and Gross Metals and Concrete


Ju Ju Fish

Be careful with Ju Ju Fish.

Finland For Technology

Why is that, when you want to do something new in America, you are thinking about your research university, whether you can trust your contacts and friends with knowledge of your intent, who might be good investor, whether or not you have sufficient credit or personal funding, if you can afford to leave your job, […]

Green Eggs And Ham

Are green eggs kosher? Yes they are. You ask Ham. I’ll ask Jabar.


It has been said that time with lead is good for head. I must repeat the rust is sweet. O range, go range, doh range. Andy Goldsworthy was here. The green is clear. Highlands and islands. The boggy peat was not my seat. Violet is missing but she isn’t lost.

For The Last Time, Mr. Loaf…

Buffing isn’t fucking. And thanks b.p. for becoming a 33rd degree mason clow(n) so a little third of wheel could spin faster than he can draw a gun.

Its Good PR To Provide Ice Skating On Europa

Serrated skates, no long waits. Europa’s never crowded, jumps are super high, spins are splendorific, ask not the reasons why… it’s not merely an alibi- you were there. Ice skating on Europa. Years and years went by, so lonely you could cry. Ice skating on Europa. You don’t have to skate in line. Your suit […]

San Juan Tests For Hepatitus C

In San Juan today four thousand people were tested for Hepatitus C, thus creating a sample of people for the city health population in a timely instant. What if more cities were to do this? We could possibly prevent the epidemic effects of the disease. Puerto Rico wins for enthusiasm and cheer defeating pestilence.

Real Distance Between the Outer Tips of the Outlying States?

Does this cartoon have something to do with not incorporating Guam and Puerto Rico and Samoa as States?

Why Not Wonk Woz? World Wants Wizardry… OLPC!

Mr. Wozniak has been teaching children with the extensive use of laptops for the past 13 years or so. With One Laptop Per Child becoming a reality across the world, could not Mr. Wozniak be an invaluable resource in educational design for the world using laptops? I would like to ask Nicholas, Walter, and Sammy […]