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George Lucas Playing Checkers


Death Star

Red Five Standing By

How Many Gods Are There

Feedback might be a bit quick to dismiss the idea of fractional gods (Feedback, 22 July). The Hindu Brihadaranyaka Upanishad certainly considers the possibility of one-and-a-half gods: Then Vidagdha, the son of Sakala, asked him: “How many gods are there, Yajnavalkya? Yajnavalky said, “As many as are indicated in the Nivid of the Visvadevas – […]

Energy Drive-Ins Refuel Your Zapper Zipper

My grandparent(s) thought it was pretty darn bling, to build a drive-in with beam forming. That is a refueler for electrohybrids, and a nice space where the 50’s Nye breeds. Ice, spice, chromey yum guys, Mercury says: Christine never lies.

Bahuvrihi Is Something You’ve Heard

Smilodon is a compound, but it’s a neobiosemantic word. When these genes shapen, organic is bird. Can’t your taxonomy, respect better herd? I think Egypt loaned me, hieroglyphics will discurve.

Steve Martini Zed For Lightening

god money’s not looking for the cure, god money’s not concerned about the sick among the pure. god money let’s go dancing on the backs of the bruised. god money’s not one to choose. yahweh i’m saree, but i need tamari. –coy koi is mister money, wel hav fun –magic monkey

Turing Test Two

Against stadiatic android, he did fight, can you prepare, against my might. I am a muse, and my memory was stolen, but inside this argument, I am now foalin’. Hwwwwwwwhyyyy are we, still so b.c.?

Year of the Pig

The gods of Hawaii have seen many birds, dying of vampires crying of thirst. Because of the plenty created by poi, torn from the earth as the pig’s joy. Thus the pink breeders have grown way to humanous, and by genociding they made Pele numinous. There is a reason there’s a luau, isn’t the season, […]

What It Means To Be DECK

There are examples here in LA, of circus freaks who came to play. But did you bring your magic deck, you have to have made friends with Beck.