Monthly Archives: October 2007

Super Pet Food For Longevity

Using only the research done by the longevity center at MIT an industry of long life pet food could begin. Healthy pets who live 20-50% longer than current standards of longevity would be the obvious benefit to PETA-style interests. Furthermore it will be a frontrunner in purchasing power, proving a desire for a healthy way […]

Roll Over Brian Eno

Real geniuses at CalTech have developed a real “e-nose” using conductive polymer which is quite sniffy! Originally developed for industrial applications, one may hope that the nose will be used for storing and sorting smells and advancing perfumery. There is a scent shop called Demeter that works will memorable smells but has a limited range […]

The Cure

The Cure for many diseases of the body, when one’s immune system may be abused over time, can be something new and unexpected. The recent cure for Diabetes tested in Brazil at Sao Paolo University is the first stage in a two part system of immunorejuventation: The second stage is the creation of a helper […]

Cannonball Road Race From Portland, Oregon To Liberty

An American road race from Portland, OR to the Statue of Liberty on Staten Island, NY near Manhattan. Contestants so far have given some specifications about their vehicles. A famous comedian and an inventor are driving a nuclear fission powered car together, which features hands-free steering navigation, 900 mph roadspeed, and stainless steel magnetically suspended […]