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Los Angeles Times, Sunday, The World

“Zimbabwe AIDS Patients In An Endless Line For Drugs” Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Robyn Dixon I’d guess. The new corporation which deverops The Cure will be valued on the stock exchange above One Hun’red Biyyon Dorrars Amer’kin. Go to SAr ParrO UNIbERS’TY talk to Dr. Burt. Invent blood firter to remove helper cells. Kick start immune system […]

The Dolphin Rides

Marineland was really shut down by Elvish pirates who say they were promised dolphin rides eponoanonymously in a timewave. They didn’t have a boat and one has a cold. You can have dolphin rides if we can save the whales. The performers lost heart because Howie Mandel brought disbelief that they would be saved in […]

Why To Avoid Cybernetic Music

Based on what was done to me as artoo with the parakeets, I suggest avoiding cybernetic music experiments. On the subject of probability enhanced music composition gesture mnemonics using the lightray backscatter feedback theremin and a hypercomputer, it is recommended to stay your own audience or allow others to participate in the composition using gesture […]

Checksum Publishing System

The 88 Story system will require a Checksum Publishing System which will be in the form of an Apache module which publishes checksums to other CPS nodes (apache modules which are part of the CPS community). It will work like the DNS system with all modules will subscribing to checksum publishing for top level retrieval. […]

Story Based Code Interpreter For The Web

Write code in hypertext pages with function definitions laid out like the terms in Wikipedia. The interpreter evaluates pages as if the Story were of any length. The Story is defined on a Story wiki page (begins with “Story_.*”). Interprets all interpreble language code with an apache module.

A Real Gattica Paper

Deaner and Gener.

Etymemetic Spacetime Graph

Such a graph showing the historical roots and growth of, for example, American English language root words and phrases throughout time does not exist. There is a phrasal word game called “Murphy” which is played by an esoteric community and was invented by the Indian Sequoia, which mocks poetry and uses phrases quite perversely. It […]

Academy Awards

The Oscar was named by Bette Davis after her Oscar’s behind; she then married a Ham, a more modest move despite his real first name being Oscar. Of course the Grammies are named for the Grammophone. The Tony was named after “Toni” Perry. The Emmy was the Immy which stands up for the tech. We […]

Stupid People Who Think Tunnels “Just Have Air”

Recently someone asked me to devise a strategy for digging giant mole warrens for people to live in in the event of a nuclear war, like the mole people in the new york sewer system. This kind of information panic is totally unworthy of consideration without something like a subground biodynamic environment with solar light […]

Big Ass Bombs Of The Information Age

The cultural history of the world suggests that it is okay to look for things if you are a hunter or seeker by occupation. A few years ago someone wrote a book called The Anarchist In The Library, suggesting that information could be dangerous if the path of discovery is uninformed or willfully disruptive to […]