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Biblically, Horns Are A Way- Plus Flower Power

tony: creat 111 neat! bal “reality” bard inventor muse green hornet holly: nymf gay “safe” 111 “reality” queen librarian of nymphs honey bee nate: nymf “reality” 111 neat! bal inductive social investigator black wasp larry: gay neat! creat “reality” 111 creative media cultivator huckabee quentin: creat cultech gay “reality” 111 avant media producer yellow jacket […]

Red Hydra Come Out Of The Sea

Ten horns upon which ride, it lurches sentient forward. NYMF A sexy, cute girl who likes to play. Highly visible and also known as a nymph. CREAT The cultivation of creativity. SPORT The organization of games into competitive play, and the adapted notion of the gamesman. GAY The acceptance of sexual behavior and fascination that […]

Election And Delegates

Look to the bottom of this page.

In-Q-Tel, HHO, Mini Nuclear, And America

There seems to be a myth on the web that Google was funded by In-Q-Tel. Wouldn’t In-Q-Tel have to exist back then? Furthermore, why only 100,000 smackaroonies? I wonder if In-Q-Tel could make sure that the USA takes full advantage of HHO as an American and World power supply so we don’t lose out economically. […]

Spies Not Keen On Solar

An unmanned observation satellite in space has lost power and will splashdown to Earth in February or March.

Unmanned Aerial Systems Could Look Out For Whales

To photograph and identify the ships that predate them. Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 06:34:42 -0500 From: Acoustical Society of America *Funding Opportunities Available* Funds for research on underwater noise and its effects on marine animals are available from the Joint Industry Program (JIP), a consortium of oil and gas companies. In the first quarter […]

Scientific History Honors Women Once Again

The discovery of Bartholin’s gland is ascribed to a young Danish man, and sometimes his grandfather. Danish people really should just look.

“Creative Captilism” Falls Short Of “Creative Class”

Gates cites having created twos layers for growing new wealth while others are the rainforest of new wealth.

A Worthy Science Conference To Attend

conference: Acoustic Communication by Animals (Oregon, USA, August 2008) Translate this messageDave Mellinger to Bioacoustics-L, marmam, Animal-Behavio. show details 4:58 PM (21 hours ago) Reply Acoustic Communication by Animals Second International Conference August 12-15, 2008 Corvallis, Oregon USA This conference will bring together senior scholars, mid-career researchers and teachers, young investigators, and students to share […]


Perhaps PETA could ask that persons working in animal research be tested for emotional response to animal vocalizations. Volume 275 Number 1634 / March 07, 2008 of Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences is now available on the web site at This issue contains: Human cerebral response to animal affective vocalizations […]