Breaking Water Into Oxygen and Hydrogen

This resonant electrolytic converter is the anticipated revolution in energy for Earth. Thank you Stanley A. Meyer!

Beyond powering the car, heating the home, and usable for any hydrogen driven generator, it could also be used for a permanent underwater air supply attached to the diver if the hydroxy mixture is used to fuel the conversion in a small enough motor. As far as I know this has not been done and would allow divers to remain underwater indefinitely, like fish.

See a news clip about it on youtube. Here’s an hho splitter.

CBS News New Technology Uses Water To Fuel Cars.

This wikipedia article is sickeningly out of date.

In 1978 Dingel claims to have developed a water car. I do not believe that the fuel source was working in real time to the extent that it could use an entire tank of water on the fly, but I do not know- in this video he says one liter of water for one hour, so presumably it was all done from the battery area under the hood. I remember the sound of the car and seeing it on the news and being amazed.

I saw this as a child and later I forgot about it. I did discuss the issue of possibly splitting water with some people. A recent patent is Stanley A. Meyer’s patent which is reasonably practical for a vehicle because of the amount of water converted to gas at once. I do not know how it compares to the Dingel design which is a secret and was labeled a hoax- there is no published paper available. It is also believe to be a suppressed patent.

Regardless of who you believe, NASA is not going to deny the viability of hydrogen fuel from water. It is only the gearheads who dispute it like people did in 50’s over who had a faster car whereas the horsepower to weight to drag was listed somewhere they’d never check. Perhaps some people are still living in the machine age. Why don’t they go talk to oil derrecks?

Using a magnetic coil you can get electricity to focus at a point of high energy and heat. That makes it possible to break the covalent bound in water at many points- the frequency of the coil inductance allows the zzzap of electricity to break various molecules apart, producing a rapid conversion to gas. The gas is usuable immediately because it is both hydrogen (think of the Hindenberg Zeppelin explosion or a gas blowtorch) and oxygen (which is required for flames to breathe). The combination is explosive enough to be comparable to gasoline, and works in a normal car engine with valves and pistons.

From a non-mechanic’s perspective he hard part of the conversion would seem to be getting the fuel line to spew water into the HHO splitter at the proper rate, making a new fuel line that puts the appropriate amount of HHO into the engine per the gas pedal. If it is perfectly sealed, the pressure should be enough if HHO is equivalent to gasoline per the manner in which gasoline vapor explodes in an engine.

Here’s an hho torch on CNN in 2006 that gets 10,000 F hot interacting with steel but is also cold flame (I do not know why this is, sorry).



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    Run Car on Water is a new technology to allow you to run car on water by installing a conversion kit into your car. With the conversion kit, you are allow to convert water into hydrogen. So your car can run on fuel and hydrogen! Most of the users are saving 50% of the fuel cost with this new technology!

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    HHO or (Brown’s Gas as it’s known best today) has been used since during WWII. The process of Electrolysis was first discovered in 1766. It was used in 1800 by William Nicholson and Johann Ritter to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen. B.E.S.T. Korea Co. LTD. is the largest producer of Water Energy generators. China has been using the HHO generator since mid-90s to power entire villages to mid-size cities. Many industrial plants are entirely run on water. Korea’s Samsung is powered by Water Energy. The UN has used HHO in many 3rd world countries. They are pushing for it to be adopted worldwide for electric power, heating and cooling, providing clean drinking water, handling sewage and destroying nuclear waste.

    Can it be used for powering a car? Ask John McCain, it’s used on his campaign bus. The company providing the bus, says it saves them at least 30% on diesel fuel. A publicly traded company in Canada manufactures 2,000 units a month, selling to over the road truckers for $8,995. They are expanding to 10,000 units a month, being used for school busses, heavy equipment, trains & ships.

    Check out Water to Gas at for more details being added.

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