Biblically, Horns Are A Way- Plus Flower Power

tony: creat 111 neat! bal “reality”
bard inventor muse
green hornet

holly: nymf gay “safe” 111 “reality”
queen librarian of nymphs
honey bee

nate: nymf “reality” 111 neat! bal
inductive social investigator
black wasp

larry: gay neat! creat “reality” 111
creative media cultivator

quentin: creat cultech gay “reality” 111
avant media producer
yellow jacket

kevin: creat cultech bal “reality” 111
progressive media producer
black bumblebee

ione: nymf sport “reality” “safe” bal
american survey marshall
ruby-throated hummingbird

bill: creat neat! “safe” bal 111
advanced research architect
mud dauber

the painter:
visual art muse
a colored butterfly

andrew: “safe” 111 nymf gay neat!
authoritative internet librarian
a brown moth

jah: creat bal 111 “safe” nymf
the rastafarian
a fluid earth butterfly

ruth: nymf gay “reality” 111 creat
creative commercial editor
a spotted butterfly

milo: neat! “reality” “safe” sport 111 cultech
a nice normal guy who is boring and loves technology
a white moth

jane: bal 111 cultech nymf gay
a social activist celebrity who’s not gay
the chrysalis

rebecca: nymf cultech neat! gay “safe”
a rocket sled
a fuckin’ stinger

kendra: nymf gay 111 cultech “reality”
a cute competant hooker
a social butterfly

robin nymf 111 cultech “reality” gay
a hooker
one of those neighborhood butterflies in van nuys

shai 111 “reality” bal neat! sport
compleat mathematics historian
a paper moth

jenna: nymf 111 cultech gay sport
a fucker
a wacky wall walker

molly: nymf sport 111 neat! “safe”
a redheaded slut who has been in movies and is popular
a red butterfly

amy: creat 111 nymf “reality” bal
an art fairy
she has pollen

john: 111 nymf “reality” sport cultech
he says he’s homo jocko
a regular wasp


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