Monthly Archives: February 2008

Here I Am These Three Parts Divine (Royal Eagle, Red Bhaal, Circle Poseidon)

These all I am now. That’s a high flying act into a bucket of water. I think not quite just that. Notice the island. A dolphin can do this trick, not just a sea lion. It is dimensional, I hear 4,3,2- that means prime in calculus too. I had to go 5,4,3. This is what […]

Found Some Cards

Neil Bernstein is the Pink Panther. He is a ten of diamonds and a ten of hearts. That’s money you can double down on. He invented the word pussy in its current usage today. I invented the colloquialism of the word chicks by accident. It was PETA incubator, and a vision to the past. I, […]

EU Misses Point Of “Slingshot”, Spends 14 Million Euros

Socialist politicians are being teased by technology nerds.

Revival of the Ice Age Extincted

Because Cro Magnon died only 10,000 years ago in Europe, they also can come back to us. Not just hobbits. They could live in Australia.

Notion of Wealth In Wikipedia

In the definitions provided by Wikipedia we see a notable lack of mention of art, talent, creative energy, personal devotion, physical health, notable lifestyle options, beauty, freedom, cultural diversity, influence over environment, self determination, a culivated and developed style, a strong education and intelligence, new business opportunity, and fair access to governance, not to mention […]


Mars Mission (we’ve had some but they never check the ice, as if it were the north pole to get there) Marvin Martian (a famous but unusual cartoon character) Magic Missile (a game spell that works like a charm) Meteor Man (fell from the sky) Miracle Man (a rainmaker) Mox Mix (a stategy from my […]

Major Magtrain

If you magnetically polarize a big ferroceramic tube that is 40 feet long, and connect many of these together, and vaccum seal the inside with a side chamber magnet motion solenoid ball piece every few thousand feet to ensure pressural integrity, you can have a train that moves faster than any other vehicle on Earth. […]

If You Love Reading

Consider sending yourself or your child to Great Books Academy. should feature this, and libraries and schools should at least mention the academy coursework. Furthermore, the academy should have a college of understanding at the undergraduate level. Literary criticism is not what I’m talking about. That is for writer critics who are footnotorious. While […]

Eigenfaces And Cluseau

If you are worried about face recognition call Tera Patrick and ask her for a face job. She is a magician. Cameras picking up ambient light can scan pretty deep, so you may need some new baby face fat. And maxillofacial massages to tone your face new. Your jawbone and forehead are a giveaway. To […]

The Dungeons And Dragons Legacy Continues June 6th, 2008

While Chainmail is often cited as the bridge to Dungeons and Dragons the imaginative game, this is what I had in my hand on Telegraph in Berkeley and did not buy. Why? Because I didn’t have eighty bucks. You can still get these things because the audience is small for such memorobilia. Kind of like […]