Major Magtrain

If you magnetically polarize a big ferroceramic tube that is 40 feet long, and connect many of these together, and vaccum seal the inside with a side chamber magnet motion solenoid ball piece every few thousand feet to ensure pressural integrity, you can have a train that moves faster than any other vehicle on Earth.

Why not have a train that goes from the Beiring Strait in Alaska to Cape Horn in Chile? It would be good for Nafta and the West Coast, and there is the EU and Asian Market. Perhaps we could call ourselves the PU- the Pacific Union. Because the money would be on the left side all the way down. Ha ha fuck Massachusetts, sorry Chicago, must have forgotten your roots, because you’re not in with the CA Hoots. Like Cal Tech. This old train will never wreck. Because there is cushion. This old train requires no pushin. Because the polarization is reversed at the end. And the velocity predicted so fast we send. At the witching hour the train does go. From Alaska to Chile and it stops no. Out they pour and check their watches. From hip flask they drink their scotches. Watches they leave at Cape Horn. Can’t be ten minutes. And they’re back now. Ten minutes later it is shown. They brought back a compass.


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