Mars Mission (we’ve had some but they never check the ice, as if it were the north pole to get there)
Marvin Martian (a famous but unusual cartoon character)
Magic Missile (a game spell that works like a charm)
Meteor Man (fell from the sky)
Miracle Man (a rainmaker)
Mox Mix (a stategy from my card game)
Make Magic (invent something visibly worthy and show it)
Magic Map (it plots your path itself and reveals what is around)
Mork Mindy (a weird guy and a nice girl)
Milo Muppy (a suburban dude who is boring and nice)
Mister Magoo (someone who doesn’t see something obvious to others for a while)
Mealy Mouth (whiny ass person who is obviously kinda craven in their pursuit of something not wholesome)
More Money (just like it sounds)
Mystery Movie (hmmm… you should be able to think about it and discover things)
Mink Malibu (riche bikini girls)
Moxie Money (those blans cans in the sev drawer)
Miff Muffered (censored)
Mall Mavens
Miracle Mile
Mole Magic (tunneling)
Mister Made (nice suit)
Mish Mash (mixed)
Might Magic (what works versus will witful, confirmed by wil wheaton)
Monster Mash (a hop)
Maggot Misery (decay in a suburban home)
Morse Message (from the telegraph to the sperm whale to internet protocol to digital radio and television)
Mutant Message (strictly a weird australian book that is not about aborigines, see dreamtime instead)
Moe Monkey (the sock monkey dies)
Mad Monk (that does happen to shylocks sometimes, but- leaving the cloister, not like an oyster)
Mermaid Money (guess)
Milk Maid
Max Millions (publicly traded company integrity issues over profit)
Muck Mack (someone who really sifts the dirt)
Mad Mack (tinfoil hat guy)
Mad Max (future with not enough supplies and much anarchy)
Move Man (someone is not playing attention to the other players during a board game)
Me Man (assertion of masculinity in relation to female)
Mock Mick (laugh at Irish people or ugly or poor or fat guys, but not Mick Jagger)
Mock Dock (a quack or a dildo, but not a decoy)
Mucky Ducky (a duck cleaning itself, or need of a shower)
Magic Mouth (could be a lot of things)
Magenta Missing (a slut gone but noticed)
Malleus Malificarum (a hammer of evil often hit, but not an evil duck)
Milk Mustache (a milk drinker who gave in)
Music Monarch (someone who has really made it, it is perceived)
Mutt Mobile (a dog truck)
Minute Men (people who are ready like spartans)
Murder Mystery (a novel)
Moot Malt (forgetting that you like shakes)
Maker’s Mark (a blacksmith’s stamp upon a swordblade, for example)
Martin Mull (a guy more boring than Milo)
Makin Mooky (making faces with your face in the mirror for a while)
March Madness (both a basketball tournament and spring fever)
Molly Money (believing that Molly Ringwald is hot)
Missing Mother (a spaded)


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