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Giant Sun Over Andromeda

Have you ever such a star as the one that is seen above the galaxy of Andromeda? It is surely not something that could be without a great effort to make, for next to her stands a galaxy so close held that it shines a white fire ball within. Yet this white star is hotter […]

Repopulating Flores With Floresians

from New Species Revealed: Tiny Cousins of Humans by Nicholas Wade: “Previous excavations by Dr. Michael J. Morwood, a member of the team that found the little Floresians, showed that Homo erectus had arrived on Flores by 840,000 years ago, to judge from the evidence of crude stone tools. Presumably the descendants of these Homo […]

Space Refridgerator

Hello China you do want one don’t you? They are going to tease you if I can’t make the prototype. Can’t trade nothing. I think the parrot’s name is nothing nothing, making him a doppelganger agent he claims, but it is deceiver. He let Ireland starve, and left no credible evidence in photomedia, just peachy […]

No Brass Tack Orgies

Privacy is more important than analysis with undue curiosity. Freedom is limited by a periscope upon one’s life. There shall be delay between one’s life and it’s observation.

Safe Candy

Can a hipster understand microbiology and microchemistry well enough to make better candy? Or is it all chocolate from here and on out?

The Black Widow Is Dead

Long live the Spider Man.


These visualizations posted under gnu license or public domain to wikipedia under cladistics and polyphyly. Biology’s old taxonomy doesn’t offer much to the art of understanding evolutionary relationships in the system of nature. The distinctions are crude.

The Three Frogs of Revelation who say “Behold!”

Revelation declares three frog like creatures who are coming as a thief: They are a toad: the toad waddles and wallows in mud and slime (interpretable as filth and decay) and does not catch flies. It is aware of the bugs but does not heed a sense of filth or decay as one might expect […]


emerald green

What’s This!?

Silver, copper and signature rings are also found among their fings. My silver rings a prophet at the vatican, but says “marijuana!” in inner Maxican, which is framed in lucent indigo, how Shel did you know? I have no copper ting, it is a funny thing, for Adam’s his did ring, perhaps his ning has […]