The Demon Asmodai In Context of Visual Description

Asmodai (referred to as Asmodeus in D&D, making him a demonity by name), bears signification deviation from the classic form of a man, yet possesses characteristics that are clearly enabling of vision to a capable purpose in society in their mythological mapping.

Asmodai has the head, neck and torso of a man, but bears a bull head and a ram’s head as well, thus he can lead and keep a mind for business, yet possesses the intelligence, strategy, and behaviors of man- this man spitting fire, thus having appetites and lusts for the hot. His serpent tail suggests that he knows the carnal in women and can live as an adult specifically. He works in what is known upon the legs of society, what is popularly held and considered fine to say. He can travel this freely and stays a top person amongst it. Some people who think of this as Lucifer’s top hat, but Lucifer’s behavior is perhaps more that of a man of destiny than that man of popularity. He rides a lion and thus knows the royal so well as to be upon them- the dragon wings though suggest he is with them when they move dynamically through court and country with sheep, bull, and man put to industry in a way that is winning. He bears lance and banner and is thus a royal knight known. His seal is golden and is a lesser key of Solomon. Note that the term chimeric does not fully fit here as the chimera is less wise. Asmodai does juggle these things well. Do not forget the legs though. You will not see him elsewhere in his splendor as there. And thus he is bound.

People have had some trouble though with him inciting them to gamble, however he is not one who makes them foolish at it, but he does have a taste for variety and spice, so it possible for fools to dragged out of their sphere of knowledge should they seek him. He is quite high for a demon, and with seventy-two legions under him, he would be addressed only if there were occasion.

There have been some deaths among the great demons known to the Temple of Solomon. Asmodai did survive the Aeon Flux it is believed. He is originally Persian.

Asmodai is a revenge minded person.



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