Where Yahweh Met His Wife Before He Went To Israel To Be A Sheperder

Asherah is from this part of the world. Persons who quote the longevity of the Bible’s history say it goes back about 5,000 or 7,000 years, typically in America, if you ask them. That is not very far back if you think of the Atlantean city front that sank under the ocean around the northwest part of Indian peninsula in the Gulf of Cambay from ten to eighteen thousand years ago. Despite heavy ocean floor currents, in the sidescan sonar imagery you can make out a stone floored mall, and buildings of straight line and clean stonework.

The meme of Clovis culture is origin-dated 13,500 years ago in Chile and travelled from South to North America, including New Mexico. This style of spear fletching existed for hundreds of years and the enigma of how long these appeared, and the path of the meme has not been solved publicly even in 2008.


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