The Little Horn Mentioned In The Book Of Daniel

Some people working with the media have been venturing into the space of making things understandable immediately. Childrens books and comic books and storyboarding do a better job of this than instruction manuals usually do. Many strange explanations have come up for this; they are bogus.

It is possible that some of the hot issues of today are matters of miscommunication and ignorance of things that would be better understood as gems of meaning, in that they have multiple facets that fit together into a beautiful vision.

I believe Judith has been serious about looking into what might be that. There are some other people where she works who aren’t very bad at looking for that. If you think back on the childrens books that made sense to you, you might find there few artists making childrens books who you would trust with your instruction manual.

There are a few software artists who care well and do the right thing. There are a few actors and directors who you would trust. A few cartoonists you would trust to do their storyboarding. A few writers you would read for answers and enjoy it. A few musicians you would listen to and enjoy and feel good about.


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