Filtering The Golden Gate Into Purity

Behold the Golden Gate, the best of bays gives entry to the wealth of California. Our pride requires that we allow it to be the cleanest water. We can make this so by using a solar distillation desalinator and seperating and reunioning the salt with the distilled water.

A solar distillation desalinator works as follows: a long open pipe has over it an A-frame of window glass or plexiglass, possibly fresnelized to focus the rays of the sun upon the water, as in a solar oven. In theory it could be done with raised Saran Wrap over the A-frame. Over the course of a day this causes steam evaporation of the seawater such that only pollutants and salt remain in the half pipe and the A-frame’s raingutter contains all of the distilled water. The desalinator is then flooded in a process (currently unexplained) which will seperate sodium chloride from the pollutants in another container- the seperated sodium chloride then rejoining the water. Alternatively new salt is added in seawater proportion, and the polluted salt is moved to a garbage dump site where it can prevent new growth flora from interacting with crude petrochemicals by stilling new growth.


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    o RADISH: Take half grated fresh radish, one spoon vinegar, one spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of honey. Mix them in a glass of distilled water and store in a bottle. Wipe your skin regularly to shrink open pores and reduce greasiness….

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