The Homo Sapiens Aeratus Saga

“No reliable sources, no evidence that this theory has ever been discussed by more than one person”

[[Homo Sapiens Aeratus]] is a hypothetical subtype of [[Homo Sapiens]], and [ paleontologically valid]- that is, “”compensatory hyperplasia of the bone marrow leads to extension of red marrow into the diaphyses of long bones and to diploic widening and thinning of the outer table in the cranial vault.””.

In the case of the [ presence of H vertabrae], there may result a tailbone blockage during childbirth, which can cause the larger head of the child to not escape easily during birth. Some of these babies would then have cranial birthmarks. With the prevalence being 1:2000-1:5000, this should be documented somewhere, but typically birth certificates do not contain such health information, only medical records would, and that would not be considered reportable. Differently shaped skulls do matter to paleontologists who classify genus for a species. I am claiming a genus specification for homo sapiens rather than a species differentiation. I note that there are also homo sapiens with the specific differentiation of large round heads and in my experience those I’ve met tend to be smart.
It is characterized by spherocytic red blood cells which due to size and morphology each carry more oxygen and CO2, eventually showing as evidence in splenomegaly due to interaction, possibly side effect gall disease, but with a corresponding increased flow of oxygen to the brain, such that early childhood brain development may happens more thoroughly per rate over time, and the infant is more calm than a normal infant. It is commonly known that exercise increases the flow of oxygen to the brain and body and these infants, while active, are more quiet and calm- they cry significantly less often.

Breathing greater amount oxygen ppm increasing alertness in casinos that stay open to late hours; it is an industrial fact of air conditioning in gambling halls. It is suggested that resultant giddyness may affect judgement. Here is brief objective description of the [ indisputable effects] of high oxygen flow.

It is common that sickle cell anemic indivuals carry ”less oxygen” which is deprivatory to downstream tissues. This might vary due to [[genetic polymorphism]]; it is ”possible” that some persons with a given sickle mutation would have larger red blood cells than normal and thus also be classifiable as [[Homo Sapiens Aeratus]]. For example this [[ study in India]] suggests that [[sickle cell syndrome]] is diverse and prevalent far outside of West Africa.

It is commonly reported that [[hereditary spherocytosis]] occurs in one in 5000 persons of Northern European decent. Another characteristic of this [ heritable mutation] is a lower cholesterol level which is resultant from having a larger spleen, which is measurable as longer in the flow of hemoglobin through the duct system of the spleen. As a bigger, longer organ, the assembly line of a megaspleen knocks out cholesterol more effectively than an average spleen. Because of the heavy duty of this organ in destroying more red blood cells, bilirubin tends to be higher in the blood stream. Furthermore the gallbladder can pick up cellular detritus over time or develop stones if proper care isn’t taken in purging the system of gallbladder sludge and stones. Many people have their gallbladders removed laproscopically but this unhealthy and may lead to unnecessary splenectomy. Both operations are proven to harm system health and are done routinely as recommended by the AMA, your doctor, but not by common sense. Elderliness is not a clear reason to lose vital organs. The tonsils and the appendix are the only organs really believed to be removeable without significant effects on the body- the tonsils considered that way much less so today than in the 1950’s (compare tonsilectomy commonness to laproscopic gallbladder removal- i.e. a profitable trend for surgeons).


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