Good And Evil Versus System Economics In The Individual And Their Behavior

A person’s relationship to the systems in which they live is part of their assessment as a good or an ill in the communities which they border or reside within. An absolutist assessment has to do often with the heart and the will of the person- not their navigational intentionality but their deep attitudes.

My navigational intentionality draws me to create new views. The system economics change thereby and my appreciation of good and evil are not bound in the same way that the storytellers of history have said. This does not wholly free me; their words matter, the events from which those views came are real and captured by the light which they shed into spacetime. I consider an individual not merely by the heart and the soul and their mental relationship to me, but by the chakra, the animus, and the being over time in the places of which they are a garden element. And, more deeply, if they have created new views of worth to others, or even systems. New systems and views sometimes improve the economics of real life. This is measureable as a good. This implies an advanced soul, but does not necessarily explain it to another person who is good but does not know their ways. This other person’s soul – I’m sorry, I was interrupted in such a way that I can’t continue writing.


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