Mentoring And John Bennett Wundes

I have an old acquaintance who was mentored in the martial arts enough that he was able to learn quickly outside of a dojo or training hall. He has been able to learn many kinds of string instruments as well, through self discipline and seeking mentors without them being provided to him. He has studied multiple personality disorder in relation to his practice of cultivatating two distinct modes of learning- one autodidacting and one compulsive dependent, to see which is a faster and more thorough learning method free and clear of cooperation economics philosophy.

Barach Obama believes that mentoring is the answer to better learning in American schools. At a school in Chicago recently, all of the teachers were given notice that they will be fired. It is a dramatic news event. I think that school is slated to become a mentoring school. I do not know who will be managing the cultivation of mentoring at the school. The American presidential election primaries are ongoing, it is as far as I know still undecided whether Barack Obama will become the nation’s democratic nominee. In any case he has perhaps the future of education in the world in his purview. Note that Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided to turn their lectures into freely viewable media over the internet. This is considerable as a hallmark event in the history of education, and a blow to sophistry in consideration of the meritocratic implications of will to knowledge and skill and skills and stacks of skills, and autodidactic metacomprehension, as well as local cooperative economic schaung and personally held behavioral spiritualism within the field of learning which may affect acquisition.


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