A Quick Note On The Metaphorical

It’s tiiimenh to blow-stuf-up! Probably means the pirate guy wants to blow stuff up with explosives! Yeah. No, they ought not to make people fat unless it is one step down as a wrapper for people getting the message, meaning a lead in that foreshadows blowing stuff up using explosives, and really it better be funny. Is it? We think not. And that’s on the Disney Channel. Now, who do we fire? Yes Hannah that was rude. But I don’t think it was Queenbee, was it? It was? Smoked saimin, holy holey Holly Hobby made a bad chess moove. The Mormonaddon is chokin’ oawnit.

If I get free of morons who makes things bad because they are wildly enthusiastic about the negative and stupid, I’ll cut into a surfboard with a fine stone tool and install self winding lamps in such a way that burns bright enough to be a niteglow. Night surfing is a whole 12 hours of tide that are ignored mostly now. Don’t tell me you can find a clean break in California without being dropped in on if you have never considered owning a night board. It is not gonna happen until I get free of slobs’n’snobs.

P.S. hacking a surfboard is better in the pirate spirit than making people fat using badvertsing.


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