Destiny And The Idea Of A Future Animus

The expections one has of one’s destiny and the expectations others have of one’s destiny create something in the future that is not just now and memory. It has to do with something existing now called an animus, and an animus tends to cycle and perpetuate within the now near term expected of cycles. A pattern, a habit, an expectation, a fulfillment, an energy, a belief, a mutual faith, it is there. You can see it in relationships. You can see it in a person as they gradually give up a relationship that is something unto itself.

A phenomenon I have witnessed is the creation of a future animus that is bound to relate to the present though the future is yet unformed in the linear narrative. Someone has proven it by making a future animus that could spawn a certain event in the past or future. They depended on a fuzzy belief faithed upon to quantif a brass tack now. Lightwave manipulations of infinite series computations might have a way to reach us, I don’t know.

I am certain that there are celestial entities that exists in nature and physics and mythology and expectation and belief. They haven’t just spoken to me, they’ve interfered with my career as an inventor. It makes sense that a vast nodality (not the same as monadic philosophy; the interactions are deep) of drag, people would comment on my destiny affecting theirs. However their opinions are mostly uneducated in present time, and from the past it requires a mythological comprehension for them to render it into their own terms and relevancies. I have even been mitigated at times by corruption in the future. It is something to have one’s mind attacked and life rutted, it requires understanding how these things have been handled across time and meaning. Sounds spooky but it is part of the establishment of a new order in this time. Not since the dark ages has there been so much thaumaturgic strife.

Celestial beings from times past live yet into this time, ghosts angels and demons. It will be possible in the future to make them from different places yet they will be in existence all at once back into time. Some of them cannot hear of the powers they take for granted being something invented at a time by another living being through ideation and discipline, and somehow given to them from the future using spacetime teleportation with a deep understanding of how and what by virtue of special rules based upon the story. We share this reality with others who and which obey rules we do not know. Some have disobeyed rules they are supposed to heed, partly due to confusion, and partly due to an alienation they feel because the times are different to them. An animus can be a which.


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