Sports Illustrated, Magic, November 18th, 1991

The cover story is I’ll Deal With It. It is Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s retirement from the Lakers basketball team in Los Angeles, California.

It is by Roy S. Johnson, Magic’s father.

I hope that someone will make use of the knowledge that Magic believes that HIV will be cured, not merely treated with drugs, which are helpful, but they don’t get to the heart of the disease. HIV commutes between white blood cells by sending out a virus from one to the next. They become infected with the virus, and the number of healthfully functioning white blood cells is reduced over time. To remove the disease from the bloodstream, a total strategy is needed.

The white blood cell filter would filter out all the white blood cells from the immune system. The patient will, under that circumstance, be given a drug that kills HIV totally in the bloodstream. The immune system will then be replaced by adding hematopoietic stem cells that have been grown.


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