The Spies Versus The Privates

In the ongoing sociotechnological process of aggregation the spies have decided to use open fusioning which unconstitutional in regard to civil rights. The problem is that it encourages abuse of privacy among and across citizens. The ACLU has a big “Don’t Spy On Me” sign on their website. As an organization they are respected in the USA as a rational front that does not step to bat unless there is a serious infringement issue.

The privates, that is, the citizens of the United States, have cause now to move beyond militias, which are the spine of reason against the feds if they are belligerent. They should begin aggregation efforts as well, treating this move as a KGB operation of the USA federal government. The movie Fight Club illustrates that it is possible to organize around a principle of independence and strength that is clear to all men. That the individual matters so much that we would step down as gentlemen for a time should the presumptuousness of the frosting layer of government cheese attempt to overtake our fundamental integrity as people.

There is no information here among the citizen that is so precious that the spies should behave that way. We have In-Q-Tel for high tech recon out in the world. Why turn the USA into the movie Brazil? Before you consider informing to the government against your fellow citizens, consider that you could instead turn in these sellouts to an aggregation or fusion center for the people. People are those organisms you meet who have heads and hands and feet. We all stand to benefit from standing up for the rights of privacy- we are the privates, and we regard a laugh much better than a scowl.

Our electioning system has been under attack by the spies for a decade now, almost, and it is disheartened to those of us who care about the pledge of allegiance. I suspect that foreign organizations are using money to cripple it. Note that recently we had a privacy scandal for the presendential candidates- they lost some of their privacy! It isn’t okay in a fair election to do that.

Religious organizations may not be responsible for the flow of money which is attacking the American system of governance. They are in part responsible for the amount of espionage within the USA borders (a sad note for this country which defends freedom of religion alongside other rights we hold to be sacred). They are not attacking the electioning system directly. They have too many who are too corrupt. It is the KGB problem, a spread out unintegrated menagerie of dopes. They are attempting to integrate through knowledge fusion, but this merely increases the power at every node- not the solution for harmony.

The flow money attacking the USA system of electioning is probably coming from nations who are sure that the modern CIA has had a negative influence on their government in the past 20 years. Unifying under the directorate of intelligence was not enough to convince the animus of intelligence and destiny of these governments to avoid counter attack in the past ten years. The Russians specifically have had trouble with organized crime and may be alluding to Foreign Operation Chaos Klusters, they may believe that the CIA is still keeping Moscow crazy even though they are capitalist, because of the political struggle over democracy versus tyranny in the world. Russia, like any other country, does bear risk of tyranny after a civil revolt, it is common to happen. The electoral victories in Russia do not suggest fair election, they suggest Banana Republic (see Woody Allen’s movie Mr. Putin).


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