Why Dahmer Poured Acid Into The Heads Of His Living Victims

The ghosts of greedy Indians in the Happy Hunting Ground, who may have been responsible for deaths of the California Indians, who 280,000 in number, you cannot find today, were told that in the modern age of information, gold is found in the minds of people who are intelligent and creative.

I wonder if the dead Incan and Mayan Indians know that these Northern villains of pride exist. They could have fun and call the Jaguar God or some Old Ones who know even better ways to treat evil ghosts. Perhaps Jim Morrison has there number. He worshipped a statue my grandfather bought which is believed by me to Olmec. Surely such low fell men deserve to die by the knife. Not even at MIT do they pour acid in people’s heads, not even in candy factories do they subject animals to such torture. Even in China were the riche eat a monkey brain with intentional combat trauma at a rectangular table with him or her affixed there, they after notlong do dig in with spoons. Oh Jefrey we know you Asperger’s Syndrome, why must ye be so low? Do you have a way to say no? He does really. He just wants to say his calm. He could go to space some day? I’ll ask Steve the UFO Guy. He said no.


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