Other Days of Christmas And Their Meanings Guessed

The twelve drummers drumming are heirophants of a purpose. Perhaps they are religious or social leaders.

The ‘leven pipers piping are individuals who are laying down the large infrastructural networks (very frank but British): wireless, water, global satellite, train grid, internet, world wide web, language mergence, road system, parcel service, electrical power, reliable telephone.

The ten lords a leaping are persons making great bounds of some kind.
I believe boyscout will have intelligence control of the Earth.
Leeb has become a language guy perhaps, but maybe it’s the Mexican in court.
The guy with the amazing hair, who is a monk really, has a Thoth project which is high fuzzy; he was afraid to work on it.
Joe Lechese will become the trusted fishing magnate of the world.
Someone will be the h-h-o electrical power lord, that will be a person who likes salt.
There will be a robot issue; someone is on top of it.
There will be a space materials and mining effort involving precious metals (the belter).
Someone will master new forms of entertainment and be known for it like Disney.
The protection and care of hygeine and natural dynamics of the body will become a unified health theory within the purview of a sapient messenger- they’re sick of it, and will unify the knowledge.
Someone will develop a computer that is so advanced that it makes them a noble guardian of the technology.

-=this needs to be fixed i lost an edit=-

The nine ladies dancing are entertainers who are important to the story, could be a dancing skeleton.

Sammy Davis Jr. (the stage dancer), Jezebel (asherah’s dancer), Michael Jackson (the exhibition dancer), Jennifer Beals (the movie dancer), Kevin Bacon (the social dancer), Patrick Swayze (the pair dancer), Jon Heder (the shy dancer), Yue Fei (the shaolin dancer).

The eight maids a milking are milking something.

Tara (bull), Kinga (snot), Derek (nervine), Tim (reputation), Anna (witches), Christopher (beer), Kel (coffee), Price (pork).

The six geese a laying are:

Steve Peters (laying hidden eggs), Tony Pryor (laying golden eggs), Chris Maxwell (laying eggs undergound), Peter Dignan (he laid an egg), Neil Bernstein (laying eggs upon someone), Sid Vicious (lays a rotten egg).

The four calling birds are:

Adam Baker (places a wireless call), Adam Sandler (calls you out), Mike Dignan (plays the ear), and the colly bird is Blackbird (collars a duck).


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