The Three Frogs of Revelation who say “Behold!”

Revelation declares three frog like creatures who are coming as a thief:

They are a toad: the toad waddles and wallows in mud and slime (interpretable as filth and decay) and does not catch flies. It is aware of the bugs but does not heed a sense of filth or decay as one might expect a frog to. They eat what is in front of them. Fred was the toad of revelation. He used a secondary dwelling of mud and filth in which he hid. There were others who regarded him by habit in kind. Fred was born in the mid-to-late sixties and is dead. He was scion of a major restaurant chain, and probably a dissapointment to his family in his disgusting behavior. Furthermore the cultural community which might have benefitted from the success story of his family would be aghast to know what became of him. Think Augustus Gloop with hellpowers of nasty filth.

A salamander is associated with burning. They are simple amphibians of tiny streams and mud but are associated with witches. They are vile like the toad but are dangerous to reputation and may cause fires. There are moods and feelings and mental states associated with burning. They are anti-spiritual (in a natural sense) in feeling. It is ironic because the salamander is found in nature. Long time were the witches seen askance, left between hell and nature. In America the Salmander is a symbol of the Eastern (American) Witch. Lily is the Salamander of Revelation. She causes herpes zoster which is known and curable by praying to Saint Anthony the Great, who lived in the desert. She is wet. She has other abilities such as affecting the mind to make a person less conscientious about lust and it’s direction. Perhaps she knows others who are low who affect this. She uses children in hell with strange ideas about sexuality to alter the mental functioning of adults- it is a bad problem because children have immature notions whereas the adults have that covered by then, in the vast majority of cases. So she really can make someone lust as they would not. It is a vile problem. Note that they all claim “I come as a thief”, they are saying they will take something from you which is part of your self, perhaps your self-perception, or your reputation. She has been at it for a while. She was born in the early seventies and is still living.

What eats salamanders? From Salamander Food Web @ Written and compiled by Whitney S. & Kelly C.:

“Some salamander predators are herons and other birds, snakes, foxes, shrews, voles, and frogs. Fish eat salamander eggs and larvae.”

And a frog: Who catches flies, stealing them from the air, and sits upon a lily pad. This indicates the ability to trap using dexterity and speed of the tongue and simplicity of the life form. It also swims away from danger if not caught swiftly. The flies might be persons attacked or influenced by Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, who knows children, and sways a man or child from reason and wisdom by distracting the mind precisely as in attention deficit disorder. A person acting like a fly does not simply have sugar syndrome or caffeine addiction, they are really afflicted with distraction and this is attributable in different ways. Their behavior really is different than other people. They cannot focus long on one thing. Society expects a longer attention span, and a frog would catch them because society has left them vulnerable for some time, they have become time’s flies. Mike was born on Pearl Harbor Day in 1970 and is dead. Mike was also secretly associated with India and was thought to be Radha’s Parrot. The singing frog in the Warner Brothers cartoons is the best approximation life can offer without having met him. Major song and dance, but not so helpful after all if you had hopes to benefit from meeting a thief of time.


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