Giant Sun Over Andromeda

Have you ever such a star as the one that is seen above the galaxy of Andromeda? It is surely not something that could be without a great effort to make, for next to her stands a galaxy so close held that it shines a white fire ball within. Yet this white star is hotter alone and it shows. What elements bestir within?

Right around there you can see two gold stars, and they make the element gold, which rare to see made. It takes a star about that dense, they say it’s atomic properties could pay rents, for much energy is required to blast out from within, showing that gold is a superdense spin.

Epsilon Aurigae says it has a thief, but who ever heard of grey hole?

Molly’s star is Proxima Centauri. She is the passion.

Rachel’s star is Polaris, and see the motto. Jermyn, Deborah (2005), “The Rachel Papers: In Search of Blade Runners Femme Fatale”, in Brooker, Will, The Blade Runner Experience, London: Wallflower, pp. 159–172, ISBN 1-904764-30-4. “If the Alaskan flags point to Polaris, but not perfectly oh dipper, where points Alaska, not perfectly?” Is it the mountain people who live 129 years? Who’s ancestors, of those who are known to us, are from there? Perhaps that will tell.

Sirius B is Ione’s star. The Simurgh would be that color we think.


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