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This Is Going To Sound Stupid

But I really think they should all take DOC. Especially posted a South Park character as a photo. “But DOC is illegal.” No it is not. Right Bill? Advertisements

PETA Does Not Really Maximize Pussy Like Sororities Do

Do to disorganization on an epic scale, People For The Ethical Treatment of animals adverstises pussy but does not follow through to an adequate measure. After consulting with Sean Astin and other genuine Adamses of the presidential descendant lineage, I am certain that giving up fur was hard for Massachussetsans, and I have not yet […]

The Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #231, 1988; Leonardi and Green

With an energy sword, and Colossos, on the cover, but just inside the cover is a Don Martin cartoon advertisement for Jolly Rancher Apple Stix fruit tastin’ candy. “Fred tried to show Stan the refreshing fruit flavor in Jolly Rancher Stix by using props.” And who else’s name is Don Martin? Why Don Adams! Don-Don-Don […]

Modern Musician

This girl Miisha in Montreal, a relative of Genevieve Bourget, could use Diana Young’s bow in practice. She might even be able to use one in some way on stage using electronic music technology. There was a band called Boiled In Lead who used an electric fiddle successfully for performance. It is important to art […]

The Chess Issues Of Comic Book Artists

I’ve done little research into this phenomenon, but certain issues of comic book series during the Silver Age of comics have a chess pattern on the top of the comic book as if it were doodled there, it is an uneven pattern consistently, showing that there is some recognition really of chess issue status. Usually […]

A Photograph of Fauntleroy

This photo doesn’t respect him well enough, he was a polite gentleman, and did something for little persons really. An early copy of the book Little Lord Fauntleroy is on sale locally. I will go and buy it soon. After I read it, I will sell it through an online bookseller. Reading a book once […]

Music Video Debut Dates

I notice that IMDb does not have music videos listed. It seems to me that MTV is television too and should offer this information to IMDb. VH1 could also offer a list. The debut dates and production credits are important to the public and to people involved in making videos. It might help artists make […]

These Are Also In The Story

Blabby: Talks Like A Dragon With A Smirk Jumpy: Jim Shooter, Woody Harrelson Shifty: Is Ben Stiller For Example and Snoopy: As In The Nose Dog Who Goes On Adventures were among those that were rejected, along with Awful: Mike Dignan Is Awful Bald: Batnose Is Bald Biggo-Ego: With Dale Fuller as Flash Gordon Biggy: […]

Cheerleading In America In Photos

Here are some high school and junior high cheerleading squads in action and informally hanging out. But particularly I thought people might be interested in looking at American high school cheerleaders. They’re part of the spirit of America. You can find more cheerleading photos in the usenet archive on pictureview as well, if you do […]

Matt Barrett Is A Lesvian

If you are a man and would like to visit Lesvos, please consult this Greek website regarding a visit. There are hotels and maps in English. Much that is ancient in Greek mythology history remains there.