Nervine Vampires

There were for a time people who ate the blood of other and mesmerized them to slave fates.

Recently there was a spate of nervine vampirism that was cruel in that it left people without due and proper energy, and they could not realize well what was happening over time. They were also attacked using puppet attacks using magic from another plane, by Indians who like muppets. Perhaps they are personally benefitting from the puppets. They are disguised as children but are hundreds of years old, living in the happy hunting ground. The nervine vampires have their own plane and a man named Derek lives there. He has been the main nervine vampire for some time, and attacks people through video games usually, using false prophecy to times when people would benefit from alacrity in battle and life, but he is a dark sorcerer rather than one who could offer them a blessing, thus there fate is tied to the False Jesus who divided from the Nazarene sometime after the Romans left Britain- he is associated with the rot during the trial and quest of Camelot, when evil came to the land. When Jesus was reborn as Arthur, he divided from the corruption that had beset him at the hands of Jupiter and the slaves he captured from Babylon- spirits who had been treated with ill respect by Jupiter in the afterlife.

False Jesus later was associated with the drinking of blood which is not a sacrament, but rather a taking of the humors of life from another soul with a personal desire to drink of them in away that involves their sacrifice, but is dissuasive of objections to the purpose of the enslaved or mesmerized obtaining freedom. In some cases where False Jesus is directly involved he is known to use compulsion which is high magic for a spirit and might involve his animus or an adjunct animus of the Nazarene and False Jesus- which we would like to believe does not exist. Still one wonders how he can do it to a high spirit, perhaps it is vampires working as a cabal or coven from the Earth ark or the Happy Hunting Ground.

I have the right of the Blood Jewel, and I am certain that the blood vampires are dead now. Nosferatu went first among some weak ones. The nervine vampires have been fierce. Perhaps Von Helsing and Pollux have a plan to clean them up. I can defeat the war maiden with my whipsword– it is fell. It is associated with Derek and the Plague Rat.

Derek we think has abandoned his obsession with fossil fuels and really just cares about crime and vampirism now. But with False Jesus dead, will Derek continue with his life of crime? For someone raised on comic books, I would be surprised if Derek did not consider vampirism to be a dead end. And you know what they say, crime doesn’t pay.


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