A Dark Muse: A History of the Occult

by Gary Lachman

This book contains personal anecdotal accounts of occult contact with the supernatural in a manner of fact manner. These persons at the time were able to conduct business with supernatural entities from hell, the place known by the evidence of the Temple of Solomon Keys to be a residence of demons and deities which were bound there, not to Hades, or in the jars you might find in Akkadia, which contained the souls of men. They clearly have ongoing discourse with these entities in the stories from the past, and have arranged to make bargains or deals which are amenable to those persons in the afterlife and the occultist. Or perhaps they are just their friends. Wink.

It’s really a quite informative browse. It is all based in the past, information that was known to available in society if one went looking- perhaps not every story anecdote would be found though- there are some personal notes.


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