Interpreting the Visual Description of the Simurgh

The large paddle tail of a fish that looks like a beaver means to steer the course of labor. The two fine patterned roses that are like art and woodcut design show labor of media each rose is different, I see information and art in one and music and holiness in another, it is subtle. There is a leaf upon the tail that is suggestive of sexuality that points down to a third leg it is sexual behavior and culminates in the creation of a new person, you see the egg. The scales upon the tail look both plant and fish like; watering the plants like a farm; that is, irrigation.

You see strength in the arm above the left foreleg, it’s fish scales have little circles like an octopus for sensing and holding in water, or they are like a pinecone seed with the germ shown explicitly. It’s legs are scaled like a dragon, with paws like a lion. There are treads underneath the armor plating of the legs, showing time upon the Earth and work, she has worked like a dog. The toes are important, as are the footwrists.

There is a paulette of style between the armstrong and the wing. The bonestrength of the wing has plantscales upon it, is long and stylish in curve, fine long feathers stab forth under it three, each like a bone, looking militarie and industrial.

Her face is black, you see the black panther. Upon it’s nose are markings of a Western dragon. It has rows of teeth like a man, the tongue like a dragon’s fire. (Perhaps this is the one who speaks like a dragon as suggested in the book of revelation.) It has eyes like an Egyptian cat, for in Egypt cats sometimes see like a man. There are two lines over the eye indicating superior intelligence. The dark line under the eye indicates long hours of observation and diligence. It has the breasted crest of a Western dragon. The Simurgh however, we believe is female specifically in her living form, in this time she has come borne. Her neck has trim dec, like a fine horse cared for. Also a fine bridle collar around under the neck. Ears directional and specific, indicating strong focus and timeliness in attention.

Three club pins and tabbed all the way around; she’s keeping tabs on you in a cycle, her nose is in it. This is a fine and strong perceiver, one who could inform the little horn with proper diligence. The design of the Simurgh is in a shielding tray to protect it, surrounding the tabs with proper spacing.


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