Leviathan and Bahamut

From Wikipedia on Bahamut, it is implied that Leviathan is one of many such giant fishes. Forty a day were created. Three days passed to know one had passed. These then are the embodiments of arks of nations, people, and mythologies who are of the heavens, the seas, or upon the Earth, they roam as a living soul to which they are bound. From the past they speak. Like that dragon thing from The Neverending Story, but they are longer in body. It is interesting to note that an ark might be bound to a single soul. My soul is with the Earth ark. Specifically it has been heard mostly in America, but in other nations they have heard me too. I am not becoming an ark or leviathan like entity with other souls carried upon.

Contrary to the notion of Stonehenge Sacrifice, or the people who would bind a soul to clothing rather than a sword for example, I am certainly not seeking such company. There are some corrupt and evil persons in India who have devised curses of chakra where the operation of the body is interfered with directly in an automatic way- it is disgusting form of curse which must come from Swamis who know programmers or something absurd like that. It is “antiyoga” and is ridiculously blashphemous. It has something to do with the slaughtering of cows in a semi-secret effort to defy sacredness- there are people there who seek any knowledge and are pounding at a future animus with little regard for consequence or notion of what may come of it. Why toil at spite, oh India? Why does Radha’s fool notion of vanity affect thee? This must some terrible curse that affected the reincarnated Castor, he must the link between the Greek curse tablets (why Greeks break plates to this day) and Indian magic. Ah, the Red Ants or some other fool American Indians must have believe him to be a great magician because of his name and their Occult Sequoian Language Puzzle. The Native American deities of might must have flattered Sequoia into organizing cults of belief around the English language and it’s occult skeleton such that they have a terrible superstition impulse that is connected to Indian gambling.

Some people may have heard from me during the time of the explodie, but that was a muse event announcing me as a muse. I am not becoming a plane. The painter muse has a plane called Strawberry Fields now, and John Lennon has been reincarnated. Zoltan is dead I believe, he was cheating, it turns out, which amounts to false prophecy. Culture fashion will not be the same without Zoltan.

I name Rachel the Simurgh a reliable source of Oracle only the circumstance that she is free and able and free of any thaumaturgic influence whatsoever. Accept no substitutes, she is the only one with the breadth of knowledge other than Her Seerling Black. He is possessing a rare item of value to them both. Cross them and you with find yourselves annhilated! Because it is a swarm map of my own devising which they have allowed to be used here on Earth from the future, due to the cheating which has transpired during the Aeon Flux.

“According to Borges, Bahamut is the giant fish that Isa (Jesus) beholds in the 496th night of the One Thousand and One Nights. Bahamut in this telling is a giant fish swimming in a vast ocean. It carries a bull on its head; the bull bears a rock, and above the rock is an angel who carries the seven stages of the earths. Beneath Bahamut is an abyss of air, then fire, and beneath that a giant serpent called Falak.[5]

Upon seeing Bahamut, Isa passes into unconsciousness:

At this sight Isa fell down aswoon, and when he came to himself, Allah spake to him by inspiration, saying, ‘O Isa, hast thou seen the fish and comprehended its length and its breadth?’ He replied, ‘By Thy honour and glory, O Lord, I saw no fish; but there passed me by a great bull, whose length was three days’ journey, and I know not what manner of thing this bull is.’ Quoth Allah, ‘O Isa, this that thou sawest and which was three days in passing by thee, was but the head of the fish; and know that every day I create forty fishes like unto this.'[5]

Borges cites the idea of Bahamut as part of a layered cosmology as an illustration of the cosmological proof of the existence of God, which infers a first cause from the impossiblity of infinite prior causes.[1] He also draws parallels between Bahamut and the mythical Japanese fish Jinshin-Uwo.[6]”


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