My New Old California

My silver shel ring goes to amy love? Amy is a’nuenue California girl. Fined dude. A copper ring for little ming; tang’s niester takes it in the keister- nope she ain’t blonde, can go to the sond? No mon. QP is Amy not Rose McGowan Action Doll. PCH 1 is white trailer trash lined up at my hotel. Whodat really? That ain’t Scott. He in a wooden one.

Why you wanna talk to her shel, is it to rescue you? Yep. Aright.

I don’t know how many silver rings there are. Or copper rings. Just five golden rings in New California. Could it be that there are four more in WANU? From baja through san diego (chrisblack), radially around santa monica los angeles (genevievegold), from santa barbara through sacramento (tonygreen), from san francisco to oregon border (mollyred), along the mountains, farmland and desert we have (ioneblue). a tree bee in utah (hn), amy needs to be free roaming in wyoming she says (asfdl), the easter bunny moves to arizona where he can dig tempeh (sp), and in nevada we have (nn).

Nevada plays a silver tone, Wyoming gives a yellowed bone, Arizona has a reddened stone, Utah is in amber shown. Down in mexico is jade. This is how the song is played. One of you will then be killed. Sauron a ring will steal, not build. Deagol is dead. So much for what Tolkein said.


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