Susan Saran Don Could Save India And China From Starvation

Could someone with a lot of saran wrap and half pipe irrigate India and China enough to grow food everywhere people are starving? Also, could they grow something to trade which isn’t food? Maybe hemp or cotton or something is in an industrial staple that would be biodynamically sound with the rice or whatever is local to the regions that are so agriculturally neglected? Why saran wrap, because it blocks evaporation of sea water (to be piped) enough that it can redeposit upon the soil without the salt which would prevent plants from growing. It can be piped from the sea for a looooong ways. The seawater is going to flow because you can use an hho inductance coil with seawater as the fuel source to make hydrogen and trap it in a car hydrogen (hho) converter to fuel a water pump that uses an internal combution engine.

You need a lotta pipe though honey. After to you honey it with epoxy and apply the saran tightly, you will want to tilt the pipe such that the evaporated water beads down around the epoxy to the ground beside the tilted caterpipe– what you just made.


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