The Credit Score and Fair Isaac Corp – AKA Fico

To obtain your credit score there are the less disclosive A-F VantageScore reports and the Fair Isaac Fico Score from Minneapolis, Minnesota and no, they, the Greenes, are not Jewish, actually, which tells you more.

Alan Lewis is a guy at EBay who used to work on the tool that Fico uses as an rdb rule tool for credit scoring which is unpublished in its whole hmm.

As one of the most creative people in the world, I need to be able to establish credit to begin a business venture. The creative class is the force driving the economy of the world. Why would banks be unable to see my business ideas in a business plan and go forward with it? Furthermore, aren’t I one of many who are sincere and aren’t being ranked as credit worthy by the credit system authorities, and therefore the banking institutions for reasons that are not clear. It is billed as a trusted system, but we do not trust our nuclear weapons with Fair Isaac, Incorporated, because we would be as nuked as the smoking cookie I just put in the microwave. If it is not as documentable as a missile defense and armament system, isn’t it at risk of being manipulated by players who would hedge? The SEC prosecutes unlawful business trading practices routinely through the court system. What insures us that business startup and venture capital is not being bullied state-by-state? You don’t hear about Minnesota being a big venture capital state. I know Hawaii, California, and Massachussets all got stakes and they don’t pahticullally like vampyahs. Is you a vampyah, Greene? If not, how come Alan went to EBay? How come White Plains, NY is a mecca of techno finance money makin’, when Silicon Alley is near Wall Street? Too many criminals know the beat? How is credit bitching considered elite? I’ve seen Earth First get beat on by Hoovers. They had so much dirt they swivelled the louvres. Must be a rat. My ex-wife says I’m the Cheshire Cat. The Harry Potter pie stain on my forehead says I’m the smartist artist you retardist fartist!

Ok, then! We’ll just have to steal the NSA’s silver key upon which the bald eagle rests his talons says Napolean Dynamite to the other Amy who’s daddy made the Universal sign. Go ahead, million dollar baby.


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