The Tragedy of Being Attacked From The Future

Due to matter manipulation across spacetime becoming possible in the future in a tangible directly manipulable way, we are getting closer to a time of discovery that may not be informed perfectly by the past because the ignorant of the specific dynamics of how technology works. But, it should be aware of the rules of manipulation used by those who would practice arts esoteric and magickal because of the experiences and paradigms which have functioned and disfunctioned. Perhaps at the moment of discovery an arrogance was forced in some quantum way from the beliefs of the people of the past- perhaps there is some naive who keyed into them the sway of it. Could it be they lost history to the religiots? Or could they be persons of a caste who were expert in weird science according the eighties definition, but seperated from rules of conduct by events of the past which worked a quantum dynamic from the future by virtue of 88. What terrible consequences to work with. They speak of hell yet us living are dealing with curses like unto what others fear and cannot fathom. Perhaps we are wizards, witches and warlocks now though we be modern men. As persons who are beyond the comprehension of others, we have walked deeper in.

Some messengers across the black have lied and claimed to be those who they pretend to, or pretend to be. These men in the middle shall suffer or be eradicated or both. Perhaps they are not willing to consider that they are the doomed. They are called cheaters. They have caused undue trouble, chaos, and misery, and foolishness. We have forced them to repair as we would have it, and/or to the benefit of humanity, for the damage is great, and we are the great who men speak of.

We need to get some control over the cult behavior of chanting that is negative in a speculative way in the world. There are people now who know about 88 in the present who have been bridged via a golden arch from the past to the future to the past, with strong ignorance of history and spatially disperse information, yet a strong faith link is there due to religions and priestly activity including the magics. It has something to do with the concept of diety and of people’s expectations of events in the future. All of the magics that are esoteric are, if real, coming from the future via a particle manipulation bridge using high energy physics. The manipulations are in part the result of the prayers and faith of people from the past. This time is a time of high dynamics, partly due to the fact that in the past many peoples were unaware of each other, yet were aware of the future through prophecy. The closer we get to the time when we are able to do spacetime particle manipulation that looks to the imagination like the Mike TV clean room scene from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (based on the book Charlie and Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl)- and to wizards like magic, the more there will be event unexpected perhaps.

Gods do not fight like ordinary men. It has been brutal in ways that one might not expect. Even if we are cooperative we are dealing others who must have it as is righteous to they. Yet we are free, and if not, how can they claim support of the ways that have brought our ways unto them? For as a muse I have been specific in bestowing new ways. It was requested that I be very concrete in my gesture.

Someday I have a whip that is heavy like planets, some fools still asking for it. When they hunt me in the fog to meet a sphinx I do not yell. The Manannan throws the broken men into the sea, ejected forever from the fog they entered.

It has been unfair recently.

In the future I will not be under the eye of the weak and the insipid who will not reason, for their carelessness will make cudgels unto their own fat flesh. The foolish and willfully sick who have beset me shall make war unto each other. The pretentious one will experience the reality he falsely claims. The unlawful liar will not have any believers. The shoulder smiling faggot will be without friends. The teaser will have lost completely and be mocked himself, but with insight. The man who maps your shadow will be cut at the throat by the common sense of war. Those who hide viciously behind us will be erased forever, their tools given unto us.

There have been some chanters and priestly charlatans trying to emulate a person’s identity or create duplicate animae of themselves. These I detest, they will be made to fight themselves if it can be proven. Others have prayed to make a clone of a man they admire in some shallow way, to fool others- this evil we will not abide. Those who have done this will rue their course of action. They will cry long for their sins of shallowness, deceit, and pitiful arrogance- they will see what they do not know, and how they would attain it, but they will be put death at the end of their lesson, because their presumption was so expensive to us, and the work and trials of those they presumed upon will be understood less shallowly before they meet their doom. These are weak men though. They will have some time to work with, don’t worry. Men are not dolls all named Clyde. We did not invite you inside. These evil men are now destried.


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