Shulgin’s DOC Drug Does What “e” Was Credited With

Sasha created a substance called Doc, as in Snow White’s leader of the dwarves. Bollywood does not have it because they suck balls and copy old format- they could expand their consciousness with some major psychonautic monkey madness. It is advisable to drink enough water if you are exposed to it- it causes hyperactivity, and some persons might be in high temperature environments when exposed.

Although some law enforcement efforts may in the future attempt to prosecute the use of 4-chloro-2%2C5-dimethoxyamphetamine under the Federal Analog Act, this would be an act of derison without comprehending the entheogenic uses of this new substance.

Note that there are seven dwarves in Snow White and seven dwarven kings in Lord of the Rings, and the dwarves make new things, and each of these dwarven kings did bear a ring, but were not vulnerable like the nine men who bore rings of power and became ring wraiths (or Nazgul) in the story.

The ring that Frodo bore was really a dwarven ring, not the one Ring of Binding. Smeagol had a man’s ring, not a dwarven ring. The tale of invisibility is likely to be a lie, it is that one should speak of the invisibility. Frodo would have been able to control the Nazgul if it were the One Ring– Frodo was stabbed by one though. He went all the way to Mordor to lose a finger and an important dwarven ring. Talk about running the football the wrong way down the field. Unless two rings were found, or they were switched at some point. This is likely but seems odd to not be revealed, unless the story is a riddle. Note that Gandalf laughs at himself over the entrance to Moriah, friend. Note that it mentions here that dragons destroyed three of the seven dwarven rings. This is unlikely to be true. Dwarves are mountain people and can hide a ring of power and use a little shell game to deal with a dragon unless dragon really has held a ring of power.

The Three are the only Rings of Power other than the One that Tolkien depicted in the narrative. Narya, the Ring of Fire, was set with a ruby; Nenya, the Ring of Water or Ring of Adamant, was of mithril and set with a “white stone”, presumably a diamond (although this is never stated explicitly, although the usage of the word “adamant”, an old synonym, is strongly suggestive); and Vilya, the Ring of Air, “mightiest of the Three”, was of gold and set with a sapphire. They remained hidden, and their possessors were not revealed until the end of the Third Age.

Well this must be the end of the third age: Molly has Narya, and I cannot reveal who has Nenya (perhaps made with atomic fusion) because it is held by an elf, and Vilya (of air and water) belongs to Ione when she can have it made, she must go to the Murphy mine in California and it is not a sapphire but a blue stone from central California. See her mouth and that of Liv Tyler. I think Tolkein misstated it slightly. Perhaps they weren’t protected well enough then. The people of the heavenly arks which care about eternal life will not allow me to reveal the name of the white ringbearer because they fear. Meanwhile she has suffered and the ring might help. Perhaps you can give someone a star, Sammy. Saurun would not set on these because he dared not. He believed that he needed each of these to function lest the principles of the world he lived in should fall. For example, without Nenya on the hand of a wise person, certain magics, including immortality itself might fail, he believed. I do not believe that Sauron could rule the elves through their rings. He was thinking of men, and made his ring in thoughts of power over men. Tolkein was specific about this with the dwarves. Perhaps he thinks that elves have not been as strong.



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