These Are Also In The Story

Blabby: Talks Like A Dragon With A Smirk
Jumpy: Jim Shooter, Woody Harrelson
Shifty: Is Ben Stiller For Example
Snoopy: As In The Nose Dog Who Goes On Adventures
were among those that were rejected, along with
Awful: Mike Dignan Is Awful
Bald: Batnose Is Bald
Biggo-Ego: With Dale Fuller as Flash Gordon
Biggy: Lex Luthor Considers Himself Thus
Biggy-Wiggy: Benoit Mandelbrot As The Crystal Set of California
Burpy: Tara Prince As The Crocodile With a Clock In Her Stomach
Busy: They Are At Work
Chesty: They Deepen Their Voices
Cranky: They Love Tools
Daffy: They Ridiculous And Smile About It Or Even Sing
Dippy: They Look Stupid
Dirty: They Are Associated With Dirty Work In Cavernous Places Or Even Perversion
Dizzy: Space Dwarf Is Also A Miner
Doleful: Dwarves Are Like This Sometimes
Flabby: Yuck. Dwarves Are Not Flabby.
Gabby: Dwarves Can Make And Use Musical Instruments
Gloomy: There are black dwarves.
Goopy: Working With Chemistry, Cooking, Medicines, Plant Material, Fungus, Or Body Humors
Graceful: Dwarves Are Thematic
Helpful: Dwarves Can Help Even If They Are Not Experts
Hoppy: Dwarves Weigh Less Than Men And Are Strong And Spry
Hotsy: Some Dwarves Get The Hots
Hungrey: Thinks About Food
Jaunty: Dwarves Wander Off But Return
Lazy: There Are Dwarves Who Are Admonished
Neurtsy: An Especially Mindly Black Dwarf
Nifty: Well Styled Dwarf
Puffy: Displays Pretensive Anger OR Pride OR Ego Defensively OR Offensively
Sappy: Been Hit With It Or Hitting With It As In Dwarf
Sneezy-Wheezy: A Coughy Dwarf
Sniffy: A Coke Dwarf
Scrappy: Fights Regulahly
Silly: There ARe Those
Soulful: Yep
Strutty: March Of The Dwarf
Stuffy: Styled Of A Habit That Be Showen Measured Pride
Sleazy: Of A Questionable Domain Yet Not So Questionable, Eh Dwarf?
Tearful: Emo Dwarf
Thrifty: A Dwarf That Goes to Market Not Just To Buy
Tipsy: A Tippin’ Dwarf Who Shows Some Drinking Style
Titsy: A Dwarf Who Gives Or Carries Milk Or Has Serious Cleavage
Tubby: A Fat Dwarf Who Fills The Whole Washtub
Weepy: Is Crying Over Someone And Or Something In The Recent Past Usually
Wistful: Is In Remembrance Of Events That Are Pleasant
Woeful: Is Sad Or Dark About Tragedy And War-like Events


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