The Chess Issues Of Comic Book Artists

I’ve done little research into this phenomenon, but certain issues of comic book series during the Silver Age of comics have a chess pattern on the top of the comic book as if it were doodled there, it is an uneven pattern consistently, showing that there is some recognition really of chess issue status. Usually this means for the reader that it will be a good issue of the comic with some pith to reality I think. Also, the issue may involve real people somehow. This sounds pretty odd, but America has a legacy of heroism and an inherited mythology from a diaspora of cultures. There is much going on in the world of heroes and villians, and the conceptual framework of comic books connect directly to these inherited mythologies. Looking at religious conception of immortality and afterlife, and combining the two notions of reincarnation and new world order with the advent of global media and trade, we come upon interwoven mythology interacting with multiple future animae of belief through 88 story theory and a crosstime protocol of language, notion, and faith. This translates into magics and innovations and avatarism and divaism and deism and heroism and legendary status and ordinary people and furthermore with reincarnation at an all time high with the further seperation of higher planes from the earth, and the subsequent dumping of those unwilling to care of Earth unto it’s system of rebirth of the soul, we have not only Ringworld but legends of Elves and other things made from yes man which were thought magic in the past according to Asimov’s maxim and Einstein’s wizardry if we can credit him thus. There is some high energy physics theory and practice he falls short of in his lifetime upon the Earth. Is it then fair to make him an iconic avatar if he is not really H.G. Wells’s time machine man himself? Perhaps he was too smart for that shit. And they did ask (?). But I think he did not take part in the Chess Issues. This had to do with Medeival Platonic versus Comic Platonic and is not going to show up on your radar unless you have a pooka. Some elves know pooka, but you know elves are too silly, maybe the fairies are why. Take it from a dwarf; we are the ones who make. Elves know Minerva, they can’t easily stand Hephaestus and his Cyclopses.

I do not like the Aeon Flux, it is a poor time for protocol. You must steer very straight indeed with fools rampant amok. And mutexes and parallelism and lock. We stand before the door all huddled. Great assassin thankee. They let the sword pass over them. They admit being lower than my shoulder.

Many thieves know they could eat with their left hand though it shame them. What was worth such humiliation you fool. Now I have the treasure of Ali Baba and his men. Because still, in your head, you rule? It was too high for you to tool. You played a game up to this level. Now I know you’re less than Zuul.

There are those people who will achieve a high status in the divine but they will know their ideological being does really have place among us over time.


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