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Meyer’s Announcer Calls It A Water Splitter

The other Meyer shows a buggy being rigged up with hho and a British announcer calls the device a water splitter, a term I like. I am still upset about Stanley’s death. I note the announcer mentions the other Meyer’s paranoia regarding secrecy, although it is not unexpected for a person working in a field […]

UNAIDS and Brazil!

It appears that UNAIDS has penned a new agreement with Brazil regarding stepping up technical cooperation between countries fighting HIV/AIDS. This is a champion move because Brazil is doing key stem cell research that will affect The Cure Itself, and it appears that the U.N. really knows it. Here in America we can do a […]

Vegetarianism, PETA, Adolf Hitler, And The Army

It is possible that Adolf Hitler’s interest and practice of vegetarianism could affect or is affecting the army, even in this day? He was able to talk with Goebbels about it. “In a diary entry dated April 25, 1943, Joseph Goebbels described Hitler as a committed vegetarian, writing, “An extended chapter of our talk was […]

The WJC Will Go To Court With The Swiss Banks Again

After reading this about Swiss banks and the WJC having a law suit in 1995 it immediately occured to me that neither the WJC nor the Swiss Banks had access to the International Tracing Service records that have been made available at Bad Arolsen and in 11 countries. The concerned parties will need to appeal […]

Don’t Do This

This article is irresponsible. There was a film called the Emerald Forest which is enough to be shown in North America. It is improper to seek contact with hidden tribes. Worst case is this where people are flying over in aircraft to take photos which make person who have a closed system vulnerable to the […]

Crossdressing And Ed Falucho

For reason Ed Falucho showed up to a party once dressed in women’s clothing including black stockings. The party was in an apartment at Dominguez Hills. I think maybe he had been going to sorority parties there and was bragging about it. Strange how you remember the oddest things when your memory has been out […]

Gem Cutting Forms

What they saw in them when they were raw suggested a form whether it was the crystalline shape or occlusion patterns. Though the occlusion patterns also become formal to an idea of pattern (for example, six lines or even a honeycomb pattern), gem cuts are obviously geometric and involve the concept of elegance applied to […]

Productivity and the IQ Bell Curve Hyperbolically Inverted Counting Nature

Can you create an intelligence test that measures the absolute efficiency of a person throughout their lifetime which includes their influence over the future and the total gain in efficiency provided by their thinking and reasoning and working? I contend that the persons who are most effective are not necessarily well measured by society, and […]

Switchy One and Switchy Two

The first Switchy is the person who improves the Hadron Collider with excessive energy from a supply of gold atomic fuel which results in a superloop at above lightspeed. The second Switchy is the person who can refine virtual robotics and physics manipulation to the point of being able to control particulate matter in the […]