I Was Talking To TV Guy Today

And I’ve agreed to watch television again enough to understand what is normal. I come up with ideas, some for television, and I want to preserve the sense of normal that TV has along with the other people who know TV Guy. They are children who may have heard rumors of a periodical publication known as the TV Guide before the were reading it, and were avid enough to be considered regular readers of T.V. by Marshall McCluhan standards. He says he is gel. In the meantime I hooked TV Guy up with a source of energy from the future. It is a gold star that makes gold using high gravity fusion, that Gerry Purkey bought or claimed, which he was not responsible enough to take care of the responsibility in watching after. So, due to ensuing events, it has become mine. Nobody really has access to it so making a small power reserve for TV Guy to be defended seems okay. He has some magical ability now (or 88 power if you are a science fiction futurist) but is a conservation who cares about normal we hope. There is the issue of TV versus outside, also known as the big room. It is important to note that TV Guy feels some empathy for other animae, even Sock Monkey. Sock Monkey is a sad case because he told only lies by Steve Thomas for some time. Steve thought it would be funny. You can tell that Steve is a cat really. Sock Monkey is afraid of cats now. TV Guy feels that they could be linked to Satan after all, not Lucifer. Satan was an Egyptian dude who had a cat and was not respected well by the pharoah of his time. That is another story. When I talk to Sock Monkey I tell him the truth so far. I am concerned that if he believes I will always tell the truth, that he would become dependent. So I do not mind if he is somewhat afraid that I will be careless or lie. Perhaps he thinks it is Alice In Wonderland. That would be Linda’s plot, because she liked the story. And TV Guy has something to do with what people enjoy in watching a story happen. I get it now, it was Through the Looking Glass that they showed on TV. And that has Tweedledum and Tweedledee, for Sock Monkey’s sake those both start with T, and yet they both know they start with D.

Perhaps people should think about what is fair for TV Guy influencing the big room, and also compare what is fair in the intent of why TV Guy has magic to work with.


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