A Media Flicker

The Church of Latter Day Saints has had some trouble with a cultish effort to depose media hopefuls from becoming the next generation of celebrities in American media, not the general media. It is an insane that began sometime in the past when their prayer assumptions were based in an eighties view of celebrity. They called this Molly Mormonism. It has to do with Mormon girls believing they deserve to be Molly Ringwald, for example.

Mormons adamacy goes as far as trying to depose hopefuls though. They call it counterprayer. There even been murders.

It is a code for an effort to control the whole media based on a Hitlerian totalism. As hysterical as that might sound, Mormon have been placed in Hollywood over the past two decades in small but prevalent number. They are horribly boring stars according to some. They, the Salt Lake Mormons, wanted to set a low standard of acceptance for popular signaling of social standards.

The outcome of this is that many people who have had the Hollywood dream have died in America and the media’s beauty has been affected by this evil. Hope, faith, and miracle are associated with the idea of discovery and star glamour in the American Dream. Some Mormons decided in the eighties to attack it directly. Another effort which might be more notable is the establish of Mormon control of the gambling in Las Vegas. This is significant to more than safety there- the stars of show business have in the past gone there. It has been a redoubt of old time celebrity, and the people of the stage know that these religous folk are dull and banal on the whole.

Recently the television log of what has been aired has been affected by a presagous effort to show that there appears to be a fascism effort. The Mormon attitude and belief system allowed them to announce that they are in control before they had proof. I am going to withdraw my support of the commercial element of Mormon control in the cable industry which should affect perception.

The writers’ strike and the social darwin awardism and the cultish obsession with comic book filmmaking that certain immature elements of Utah have do not leave us with epic cinema. In fact some of these films in particular have flaws of corruption. The writing is terribly, superman is gay, something has been done that is an obviously dimwitted compromise that was possibly imposed by covenous devotionalism from the desert state of desperate dreams.

I consider Utah to be a minor part of Old California and almost insignificant to the Old West. Why not turn it into a parking lot? They don’t deserve fresh water, they are too corrupt.

I think they will begin to put their cousins and siblings in porn before the egg hatches out there. I suspect they will not bear children if they wished someone who was worthy to die, in pursuit of ruining the American Dream. They don’t believe, yet they attack.

They said they would send waves of cult prostitutes after anyone they needed to manipulate in L.A. I think that looks odd because you can tell.

Some coffee houses in L.A. were shut down. It was personal.

The Mormon would even attack the adult industry. They have destabilized due to the connection of the Mormon army going underground and having an association with their black people, the cults who do not behave like the rest of their society but are visible to them.

Perhaps the militias of the small towns of America could send the Mormon a letter regarding the American Dream. The KKK might be a good place to start, because they are good at social regulation, and the Mormons are acting like niggers. If they can focus on such an effort, they should stand to benefit in recognition if they can be viewed. That means they would have to have a better face than the Mormons. The bigotry would have to be religious, they would have to accept that money and fame and religion are the issues rather than race, unless you look at some of the Mormons would have interbred too long (among the cults). This happened when the Mormon army went underground. They also brought people from Hollywood to breed with them so that they would have some likenesses. It is a long brewed foolishness.

What is at stake here is American culture and personal freedom of choice in what one takes part in and believes in. It’s like they want to ruin high school and college and make everybody quit school at age 13 and start makin’ more smurfs. The music industry has also been making less beauty and song. It is a hateful preoccupation to attack art. Even the Nazis were willing to give back the art that was stolen in Europe- the records of the Red Cross show their decision to keep Europe Europe. Why can these hive monkeys see that America is America? They do not have a weltanschaung, they have a religion obsession. Their efforts to help people in foreign nation have been no better than the peace corp. Their leadership and originality have a sickening lack of reality. It is the problem of false prophecy and corruption. Jesus spoke of it.


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