Lesbianism And The Modern Woman Onaniac

Masturbatory behavior in women is not the same as the nymphic personality and can have something to do with sexual electivism… perhaps also in some cases leading to obsessive behaviors in low tantra- that is the nepalese eye-rolling satiator style behavior, but Western.

Self obsession and mirror sex are mythological associated with a character who is sometimes connoted with onanism. Priming isn’t fucking. Priming isn’t even licking. Although cats could see a way that licking can be priming, it is not to be taken wrongly. I am a man who is beyond Lesbian because I was born of Lesbos, and am an American cat of bone. Zeus has fallen to American foolishness and stupidity. What will his daughters sing of? The Muse of Tragedy does not belong here, she has failed him. Go now to Silicy for your crime, they have good pizza there for your dime. Athena protected me from his stupid argument with the Indians. Who trapped him? It could have been Thysia because he plotted her rape and Athena was raped and it is part of why she is one who keeps her distance with a spear.

Still I think it clear, that to use a tool that makes one drool should lead one to be fooled into thinking that looks upon are sex, because there is more to life than genuflect, and we have given you due respect, though you have such a cold defect.

I can keep it hot and can keep it cold, I can get Jah Prufrock’s trousas unrolled. I come from Greenwich’s mean and bold. The arrow points the other way, because the tick tock has a sweigh.

Would you give up your dildos if there were no penises?


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    The scene in Birdy with the statue interpretation.

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