Productivity and the IQ Bell Curve Hyperbolically Inverted Counting Nature

Can you create an intelligence test that measures the absolute efficiency of a person throughout their lifetime which includes their influence over the future and the total gain in efficiency provided by their thinking and reasoning and working?

I contend that the persons who are most effective are not necessarily well measured by society, and furthermore that is has not endeavored to provide such measurement because of the rampant lying and deception which is common in our culture still. This has something to do with person who habitual claim that they are creatures of worth and that there is a cult of practice surrounding the principle of having worth that has such a strong illusionary component that is partly based in precedent and partly in deceit, such that the persons really responsible for our providence are hidden. This is in part provides them with cover in a society not good enough to give them their due respect. In Japan and Europe and Canada there is an awareness of this problem but it is accepted that it does survive. Whereas here in the frontier West it seems we have developed a culture of espionage that is excessive and not entirely purposeful. I am really talking about the top layer of intelligent persons and it really shameful when you acknowledge that they really are the smartest and are just lying. It is disgusting. It is pathetic that a man like Bill Gates can’t admit he’s somewhere in the top .01 percent and nowhere near the top itself. Yet the second curve he has really done well for us. Why is it that we had to carve a pit in culture just save a pathetic little jerk like him, when it hasn’t saved us from the deception problem? I mean he wasn’t even grateful. Hope other people are in a better mood. I have done so much more than Bill I could puke Bill and be thought unproductive for the day. Not Bill Mitchell though, that would take a month.


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