Switchy One and Switchy Two

The first Switchy is the person who improves the Hadron Collider with excessive energy from a supply of gold atomic fuel which results in a superloop at above lightspeed.

The second Switchy is the person who can refine virtual robotics and physics manipulation to the point of being able to control particulate matter in the past. An example would be fine enough telekinesis to make it possible to not feel your hand, or even turn out a light, or even as complex as giving someone a smile who might be anticipating such an experiment (please).

Also, refinement of the Empathy Principle might be for Meta Switchy to do. It seems that Switchy Three was hasty about that. How can the Switchies say what should be done? The argument is that they are inherently entitled to determine guiding principles across time given that they are out of the local timespace and spacetimes for those timeseras and would be emperileding otherwise.

This lets us worry less about Switchy you might claim but there is the reality of physics to contend with as magic if you go there seeing it as a Weltanschaung propertius. There is also declaration proper having to do with the importance of names and persons and places and events. However, the continuum of life is not to be ignored simply because of a revolution in reality. If people aren’t praying for things to change, try not to upset them o Switchy. You deserve room to experiment and you deserve glory as well. Please respect and regard the eras as having their own story really. Seldom have we suffered liars so much that we would allow information itself to travel backward in a way that creates a long loop that is inexplicable outside of the storyline. Among those of us who have great influence we have seen some cases where the influence of those we bear influence upon has made a strange disturbance in story in an age. This has something to do with the label of Aeon Flux in this time. For Hell was moved back to Israel and America is Hadesian now. Europe is the stable home of the Hadron Collider also known as the Flux Capacitor. This place is too influence to be safe for physicist and mathematicians to work without fear of corrupt entities attempting to do things they ought’nt because of the prayers and wishes of the ignorant. They would assume to much of some humble scientists who are not to victimized by the leaders of churches who know not what they do. An example is actually whether or not a man who puts his penis in the anus of another should be allowed to practice a technique that was developed or is practiced by persons who ardently believe that practice is wrong, and furthermore should this man who is typing be allowed to continue typing since he has mentioned it without being horribly harassed despite the fact that he is not horribly ignorant as these church monkeys would hope to deny of themselves and furthermore should he have to say anything about his penis size to get out of it. Clearly monkey paw law suggests he is stuck in there, but really he is typing. No in this time we not haven’t invented back keyboards but we wouldn’t tell an infintely number of gay voyeur church monkeys that they do exist and that’s how we all write for inspiration.


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