Crossdressing And Ed Falucho

For reason Ed Falucho showed up to a party once dressed in women’s clothing including black stockings. The party was in an apartment at Dominguez Hills. I think maybe he had been going to sorority parties there and was bragging about it. Strange how you remember the oddest things when your memory has been out jogging. A Hungarian said. “Does that fit into a Kliban cartoon?”

Okay, but oddly I saw something sweet about it and that is today I read of the California flower out in Antelope Valley which is known as the goldfields flower. It’s a Lasthenia, Plato’s pupil who was not unlike the character played by Hot Cha’s son in the television series about the American Red Cross in the Korean War. That is, she did wear clothes of men. And to balance it out we have Clinger.

I don’t think Ed was trying to say that we should dress like the French and have duels all the time, nor was Lasthenia necessarily doing that- note that Plato was a writer and a wrestler and a listener. It is possible that Clinger was trying to say he could be in special ops if they would just notice his intelligence, but he claimed to be trying to get kicked out of the army for madness I think- going along the lines of the film M.A.S.H. which had some sad notes and may have been influence by Heller’s novel. There was the army too, and obviously the Air Force can also be grim (see Catch 22 or don’t).

Ok no Ed is much more cheerful than that and I really lost the thread there. Oh yes, Ed is the funniest guy I have met. I suspect he was involved in Comedy Thrills At Dominguez Hills at some kind of fun-duh-mental level.

Ok they were black sorority and the girls there are hot, and there aren’t really white sororities at Dominguez. See there are white people, believe it or not Dominguez Hills. Not just people who look white like Eastern Europeans do, but people who have white culture, I found out where that Orville Redenbacher look comes from. It is people who trying to be polite about the plaid. The plaid comes from here. Scotland, careful about family kilts and garb, does not endorse plaid but rather has tartan, plaid is a wild American phenomenon. See Steve Martin. Squire Doak is the son of a Scotsman though and Doaktown is in Canada.

Sad to see some hats missing.


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