The WJC Will Go To Court With The Swiss Banks Again

After reading this about Swiss banks and the WJC having a law suit in 1995 it immediately occured to me that neither the WJC nor the Swiss Banks had access to the International Tracing Service records that have been made available at Bad Arolsen and in 11 countries. The concerned parties will need to appeal the trial and arrange with the court to hire a trusted third-party organization to glean the information needed regarding civilian deaths or movements to concentration camps.

“In May 2006, the International Commission for the ITS decided to open the archives and documents for researchers use, and to transfer, upon request, one copy of the ITS archives and documents to each one of its member states. This will take place once all 11 countries ratify the new ITS Protocol.

On November, 28th, 2007 it was announced that Greece, as the last of the member countries, filed its ratification papers with the German Foreign Ministry. Once the country currently holding the chair of the commission, Poland, formally informed the ICRC of this the archives were opened to the public[7]. It has now been announced that the documents in the archive are open to public access[8].”


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