UNAIDS and Brazil!

It appears that UNAIDS has penned a new agreement with Brazil regarding stepping up technical cooperation between countries fighting HIV/AIDS. This is a champion move because Brazil is doing key stem cell research that will affect The Cure Itself, and it appears that the U.N. really knows it.

Here in America we can do a lot of groundwork in support of creating the cure, but the cure itself will arise from a place that can work with stem cell cultures they can keep. In fact, UNAIDS involvement seems fine, but I expect the people will want a private company that is in a country that has the best, most stable socialized medicine and corporation standards policy. Reputation and trustworthiness will matter strongly to the establishment of a group that handles the new identity bracelet- the bootstrap immune system stem cell culture, and a means of administering it that is less yucky than traditional transfusion. Not only do I want a cure for immunological disasters, I want to be able to have my system cleaned without having a terrible memory of trauma, blechy. Should I need it.


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